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August 10, 2024

Comedy Night with Jon Forward, Arif Hussain and Matt Richardson

Tickets: Here and at the door

Hailing from the mean streets of Saint John, New Brunswick, Jon Forward is not your average comedian. With a comedic style that's bold and unapologetic, this homegrown talent fearlessly explores the unfiltered side of humor.

As the proud host of 'No Jokes Barred,' Saint John's longest-running comedy show since 2014, Jon Forward keeps audiences in stitches with his relentless dark humor and storytelling. You may have seen him at the Fundy Fringe Festival, co-hosting the 'Four Story Walk Up' podcast, or delivering unforgettable performances at Punchlines Comedy Club.

One time, he was personally selected by a Joe Rogan employee's random number generator to perform at Joe Rogan's 'Comedy Mothership' club in Austin, TX. Jon Forward's brand of comedy doesn't shy away from controversy; it revels in it. With a penchant for outrageous humor that initially leaves audiences gasping, he masterfully guides them to burst into laughter. Jon Forward is a comedic force to be reckoned with.

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